Monday, June 10, 2013

November 2012: The Lawrences visit

Charlotte, Brooks, Wiley, Ruby, Hank and Max
I just loved seeing all of these kids crammed in one room all playing together.

Last November, Brett, Annika and their three kiddos Brooks, Wiley and new baby Noe came up from So Cal to the Bay Area for a weekend. We LOVED getting to see this family!!  We all met up at the Chen's house in the morning for play time and lunch.

Charlotte and Ruby taking over Max's toys

R & C

Wiley wanted to hold Ruby!

Max and Hank.  Later this bed would have all four boys jumping on it at once screaming "hey little pookie" over and over.  To this day, Hank will still sometimes scream this as he jumps on his bed.

At one point I found Brooks and Hank just lounging on Sandy and Leon's bed jamming.

We turned on a little bit of Thomas to give the boys some down time.  Hank would not let go of the robot.

Brooks wanted to drive Charlotte around.  This picture is out of focus but his adorable smile was too sweet in this one not to post it.

R & C

After lunch we all went back to our hotels/houses so we could get the kids to take a nap.
Then we met back up at Stanford for a walk around campus.  

Hank, Max, Wiley and Brooks.  All helping to walk Adam's dog.

Hank and Wiley contemplate the art installation at the new business school.

After our walk on campus we went back over the Chen's for dinner and the Utleys came too.
Here is a shot of the younger ones - all girls!
Ruby, Evie, Charlotte and Noe (with Dads Jeremy and Brett)

Wiley and Ruby

Teagan and her dad Chris also came by to hang out

Of course Max, strip down to your undies!!!

This day was a blast.  I love seeing all of these kiddos growing up!

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