Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Curious George and Clifford!

Today the kiddos got to meet Curious George!!  There is a monthly "Mommy and Me" event at Santana Row (a nearby shopping center) and the event features live music, face painting, balloons and sometimes a "famous" character for the kids to meet.

Today the line for Curious George was long but we stuck it out and waited for our turn.  Hank was a champ and didn't even get annoyed at waiting in line for 45 minutes!  It might seem ridiculous to wait that long with three kids but I knew if we bailed he would ask me about George the rest of the day.  Our determination was worth it.  Hank was so excited to get his turn that he ran up and hugged him.  I parked Ruby and Charlotte right next to him and they both kind of cringed.  I was dying laughing.  They have no clue who he is yet, so I don't blame them!

Last month we met Clifford.  It was super awesome too.  Hank still talks about it!

I just noticed Hank is wearing a Curious George shirt in this picture.  Today he saw a boy wearing this same shirt and he asked me why I didn't tell him to wear his.  Oops!

I think next month there isn't a famous character scheduled to be there.  That's kind of nice because then we'll be able to spend time in line for face painting or something else the girls can get into.


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