Thursday, June 6, 2013

October 2012: Random stuff

Here are a bunch of random shots from my cell phone from this month...

Hank learned that his construction goggles do not double as swim goggles.

I learned that when on a play date at a location with a large water fountain, always bring a spare set of clothes for my kids. 
Especially if I also have an appointment at the vet immediately following said play date.

Ruby and Charlotte were released from the stroller and played in the sand at the park for the first time.  Prior to this we miraculously were always able to contain them in the stroller and they never cared.

We love our library!

Hank enjoyed his first experience with a fire at our house.

Hank loves pushing his sisters in the swing at the park.

Cute picture of Ruby and me.

Charlotte's a cutie too!

This random tweety bird blow up doll came to live with us.  Thanks preschool!

Hank went with me to cast my early voting ballot.  How awesome that the polling location had a huge Uncle Sam?

The last time Hank and diaper cream were ever left unattended together.  This happened about 10 minutes before we needed to leave for preschool on Halloween.
 The cute little lion!  He might have had diaper cream smeared all over his body under this costume.

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