Sunday, June 16, 2013

Courtney and Eric visit

Courtney and Eric came to visit over Memorial Day weekend.  We had such a great time with them!  The kids loved having them here to play with and Brett and I loved having them here to hang out with us!  While they were here we had a double date night, went out to Carmel (all the pics in this post), got mani/pedis (us gals), had a rousing game of mexican train dominoes, and lots of kid play time.  The newlyweds also wisely took a day off from kid bonanza land and went up to Napa and SF by themselves.  I think they had a blast and hope they come again soon.  :)

Ruby and Charlotte

Here's a video of Hank doing "spider walking" with Courtney and Eric.  He absolutely loves to get two people to hold his hands and walk so he can do this.  Courtney and Eric had to do this a lot as we walked in Carmel.


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